Bendix Media

Creative Agency

We produce digital content for your online presence and the platform to showcase it all on. This includes websites, videos and photos for your business. Regardless it being used for social media or online marketing, we’ll create engaging content to boost leads etc. 

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to boost your online presence.


We can do a complete website service for you. This includes hosting, domain, website design, seo, responsive design, email, transfers etc.


We produce engaging content for your digital marketing campaigns and social media etc. This includes recording, editing, mixing etc. We have all the equipment required.


If you need photos of your business, people, products etc. we offer this too. This will be a great addition if you have just bought a website.

We make engaging content.

We believe content needs to be relatable in order for the viewer to connect fully. By doing so, we produce videos and photos that people enjoys and remembers. This content can either be used for digital marketing campaigns or social media etc.

Our technical expertise helps us catch authentic moments when they happen.

Our Key Points.

We have listed some of our favorite key points that characterizes our workflow from our competitors.

Easy Communication

We can meet physically, over the phone, via e-mail, text etc. What ever that is easiest for you.

Innovative Creation

We will be happy to experiment and find new ways of doing things.

Modern Design

We design content that’s up to date with the design flow of the modern world.


Our team knows all of the technical aspects.

Content we have produced. 

Promo for Skylab Café

Restaurant Miyama

Restaurant Miyama Sushi

Website for Jakob Øster

Let's Work Together

Are you ready for starting our next project together? We are sure it is going to be a lot of fun (and hard work too of cause). Do not hestitate to reach out to us no matter the project. 

You can also use the form to ask for a question or to find out something else.

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